21 Things We Loved & Loathed About Porsche's $271,000 'Purist' Carrera T

An angry little yellow bee

We’re slowly escaping our Winter here in Australia so what better time to take the new Porsche 911 Carrera T for a drive. Over seven days we drove the car in the rain, sun and overcast hues of Sydney. Sure we’re fans of the 911 but is this pure, no fuss version a good choice for an everyday drive? We dissect and see what’s what.

Let’s begin.

Quick Facts

Cost: AU$271,220
Transmission: 7 Speed Manual
0-100kmh: 4.5 seconds
Engine: 3.0 twin turbo 272kw (370hp)

1. The Porsche 911 is a revamped concept that is ‘made for drivers’, not posers (like me).

The head turning ‘Racing Yellow’ would not be our first choice of colour. The white model at the dealership was more to our liking.

2. It’s powered by the exact same 3.0 twin turbo 272kw (370hp) engine as the base model 911 Carrera.

3. The performance is just a fraction faster than the 911 Carrera, shaving just .01 off the 4.6 second 0-100 time.

Strangely people kept asking if it was a ‘turbo’. Sure, mate it’s a turbo. Twin turbo.

4. The T costs roughly 8% more than the base model Carrera which is an attractive offering for the enthusiasts. (Base model 911 Carrera pictured below).

5. The sweet 7-speed (yes, 7) manual transmission with short shifter reinforces the ‘driver’s car’ ethos, however for the posers you can get the T in PDK.

Took about 2 days to get used to driving manual again…

6. Sadly no wide bottom like you get on the 4S and Turbo models.

Wide enough tho, Kim.

7. Porsche keeps the old school turn key ignition…which does take some getting used to.

No school like the old school…

8. The exterior remains the same except for two tone mirrors, wheels and decals.

9. The T offers ‘titanium’ coloured wheels exclusively on this model.

10. Yes, the decals actually do make the car go faster.

Just kidding…

11. The Racing Yellow colour options turns heads. Mostly children and their fathers.

Mothers didn’t care too much.

12. Porsche have done away with the back seats in the T, so no more need to take children or incredibly short people on your daily drive.

13. The entertainment system is basic, actually non existent. Porsche have done away with the Porsche Entertainment System in the T.

Less is more – who needs navigation anyways.

14. Soundproofing in the T has been reduced so you feel like you’re in a race car when in sports mode.

It’s loud, and it rumbles and we loved it.

15. Speaking of Sports Mode, the turbo spool is immediately noticeable on take off and all of that visceral noise is fed back into the cabin for good times.

16. The door handle has been changed into a yellow fabric pull strap which is cute, but will get dirty in no time. Plus it’s a bit hard to use. Alcantara roof lining makes up for it though.

17. Yellow decorative accents in the seat’s upholstery and stitching are a beautiful touch.

The bright yellow 911 on the headrests are also great.

18. The exhaust pipe configuration is the same as the Carerra 4S, which is much better than the base Carrera.

19. Porsche Torque Vectoring is fitted as standard…this assists with braking on the rear wheels when you’re driving hard into corners.

20. Porsche have included auto rev-matching on downshifts which is great for linear power delivery but a tad ironic considering this is a driver’s car

21. Passenger car sickness rating was 7/10 – A touch higher than usual with the girlfriend. This was probably due to my poor driving in a manual.

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