What Women Want To See In A Man's Bachelor Pad

Your home is a direct reflection of your lifestyle, but perhaps yours isn’t exactly displaying your best side. In fact, its current state probably reflects you as an awkward sixteen-year old whose mum cut his hair before that one photo day.

When you bring that special someone home, the last thing you want are old socks and toilet rolls hanging around your bedroom floor – and trust us when we say she will totally notice.

Here, we will show you how to perfectly merge purpose and pleasure for a balance that supports and showcases your lifestyle. Let us assist you in creating a temple fit enough for the likes of your lord-like self.

Layout With Flow

No, tripping over the milk crates or mountain bike in your hallway while she is trying to do a sexy strip tease back to your bedroom is not sexy at all. Each area of your home should seamlessly blend together, but this doesn’t mean you have to go minimalist.

Simply create clear and spacious pathways between furniture, walls, beds and doors. Entry ways should always be an indication of a clear pathway ahead. Once flowing, you should be able to walk around your pad blind folded and she will think you’re a truly organised gentleman.

Lighting For Every Occasion

“Space and Light and Order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep” – Le Corbusier, Architect.

If you’re not lucky enough to have heaven applauding you with beams of light, you need to really make sure your lighting game is on point. There is nothing worse than a dark dingy room that will make her feel like she was on an excursion to the local neighborhood’s haunted house. In saying so, there is also nothing better than a room that has the potential to be light, but also the ability to cast sultry shadows over candlelight for those bonus intimate moments – thank us later for that one.

Whether or not you intend to impress someone, correct lighting will also benefit your own health and comfort during different situations. It’s definitely time to call that electrician.

Enter The Pleasure Dome

Your bedroom. A key room in your home, you want it to depict a man who knows what he is doing when things get down to business (just make sure you follow that one through). If you have the space in your man pad, it’s a good idea to keep the bedroom for purely bed purposes, that means getting rid of the desk or work paraphernalia in your bedroom.

Not only will this decrease your stress and provide you with a place to retreat to, but it will also increase your productivity. “The Workzone” should be both physically and emotionally separated from you and your possible lovers relaxation space. Now that your bed is the main focus, make it worth sinking into with our guide to cool bedding.

Showing Off The Real You

At the end of the day, your home is an extension of your personality and we get that you don’t care about impressing anyone that isn’t into your quirks. However, it is important to actually show off who it is that you really are, both weird or not.

Have a collection of classic records? Display them! A set of watches passed down from your family? Definitely display them. A funky decade’s collection of belly button fluff? Yeah, absolutely do not, we repeat do not showcase that, buddy.

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