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This Japanese Headset Is A Great Way To Silence Your Irritating Co-Workers, But There’s A Catch

Goodbye Susan from accounts; hello future…

Good news people: Panasonic’s design studio, Future Life Factory, has found a way to silence your irritating co-workers forever. The price? $258, plus your dignity.

If you are willing to give up any aspirations you may have as a living, breathing individual, and wrap a physical manifestation of your “desk jockey” status around your head, the Wear Space headset—essentially a one-piece set of human blinders—is the place to start.

Remember when your dog would start a personal vendetta against one of its paws and you would have to put a lampshade on it? Well Wear Space is the lampshade, you’re the dog, and the itchy paw is your annoying co-workers.

The Wear Space headset promises to, “Aid concentration by limiting your senses of sight and hearing, via noise-cancelling technology and a partition that controls your field of view,” (Panasonic). This comes in response to the rise of open office spaces and digital nomadism—work-styles which make it difficult for employees to focus. According to the product description, Wear Space instantly creates “personal space” for you, no matter where you are.

According to them, “It’s as simple as putting on an article of clothing.” The device can be adjusted based on the level of concentration you desire. So, just as you would wear an overcoat in freezing cold weather and a light jacket in a cool breeze, Wear Space has different settings for different environments.



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Panasonic debuted the Wear Space, at a conference earlier this year. However, as reported by Mashable, “Sensing it had a hit on its hands, the ‘Panasonic group’ Shiftall Co. (recently) launched a crowdfunding campaign to move this idea from the realm of complacent nightmare to defeated reality.”

And we’d have to agree: although it was created in partnership with Kunihiko Morinaga, a fashion designer, we also find the idea of wearing human blinders (no matter how sleek you dress it), a bit demeaning.

So it boils down to this: are you willing to trade your dignity for focus?

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