Jeff Goldblum Shows You How To Pull Off This Winter's Most Daring Look

Après-ski. 80s dance floor. Modern tailoring. Welcome to Goldblum's winter wonderland.

Fluoro. Check. Turtleneck. Check. White pants. Check. White framed sunglasses. Sure, check.

If you were looking for one of the northern winter’s most outlandish looks this winter then you’ve found it on Jeff Goldblum. The 66 year-old actor is currently doing the rounds at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Utah and you can bet there’ll be more intriguing looks from Hollywood’s most stylish man today.

In the mean time though, we have Goldblum’s daring outfit during his overnight appearance duties. The look is so progressive that one wouldn’t even know how to classify it. Part après-ski, part 80s dancefloor and part modern winter tailoring, Goldblum has pulled off a seemingly new genre of its own.

Breaking down the outfit we have a camel overcoat worn over a knitted sweater featuring fluoro tie-dye waves. Looking after the functional aspect is a black turtleneck which matches perfectly with Goldblum’s Cartier Tank timepiece and black utility boots.

And just when you thought fitted white trousers were the right finish to the look, Goldblum throws in not one, but two pairs of glasses – a white framed pair with orange tinted lenses for indoors and a pair of classic black wayfarers for the outdoors.

And that, my friends, is how you can own your winter wardrobe without following any damn rulebook.

In Goldblum we trust.

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