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The Only Coffee Table Books You’ll Ever Need In Your Home

Give your humble abode the character it deserves.

There’s just something about a coffee table book. Whether you use it to decorate, to act as a doorstopper, or as actual reading material, a coffee table book adds a certain personality to your home – much like a friendly stalker.

If you’re the type to impress, it can even be something that says you’re a suave, sophisticated man who can do elegance in the home just as well as he can when he’s dressing himself. Here are ten of our favourite coffee table books today that’s guaranteed to bring pleasure to you and any ‘special guests’ who drop by.

Designed By Apple In California

Whether you’re a fan boy/girl or not, there’s no denying the immense influence that Apple has had on the consumer tech world. Designed by Apple in California chronicles 20 years of Apple’s illustrious design history through 450 photographs of products and the processes used to make them. From the very first iMac to the latest Apple Pencil, this hardcover volume which comes in two sizes is a tribute to the meticulous processes of design, engineering, and manufacturing that has made the Cupertino company one of the most profitable in the world.


Pet-tecture: Design For Pets

You have conventional architecture and then you have this…Pet-tecture. The book is a fun collection of contemporary design for pets of all different shapes, sizes, breeds and species. More importantly it will appeal to the most avid design-conscious pet owners. The book includes everything from cats and dogs to birds, rabbits, horses, fish, mice, guinea pigs all interacting with structures like cat trees, concrete dog homes, luxury chicken coops and 3D-printed fish tanks.


Rocky: The Complete Films

A true legend of the cinema can now be immortalised on your coffee table with this bible dedicated to every single film. Inside you’ll find images from the MGM archives and the Academy Library as well as a foreword by and interviews with Sylvester Stallone. Without watching the film, it’s the next best thing to being in it alongside your favourite underdog.


Poolside With Slim Aarons

Not all of us have the leisure of being by the pool on any given day, so Slim Aarons has given us the next best thing. ‘Poolside with Slim Aarons’ gives readers an intimate insight into the lives of jet-setters and the wealthy through the glamorous captures of how the world’s one-percenters live. Readers can expect such vices as magnificent, suntanned bodies, well-oiled skin, bikini-clad women, yachts, summer cocktails, sumptuous buffets, spectacular locations and most of all, fun.


Winnow Your Words: Kimi’s Book Of Haiku

Kimi Raikkonen is a star of Formula One for all the wrong reasons. Autonomous in his ways around life’s trivialities (as well as blatantly honest), the Finnish racer has made a reputation out of expressing his true emotions with as little words as possible. It was only a matter of time then that there’d be a book of Haiku (Japanese poetry featuring three lines to tell a story) dedicated to one of modern motorsport’s greatest enigmas. Take this golden nugget of an excerpt for an example:

In summer there’s fishing.
In winter
the fishing is bad

Why are the messages so profound? Because it’s something Raikkonen would actually say in real life. Call it art imitating life.


Meat: The Ultimate Companion

Anthony Puharich is a rock star of Australia’s meat scene. As a fifth generation butcher, Puharich and his father have built one of the country’s premiere destinations for the world’s finest quality meats. And thanks to his extensive knowledge in the industry, he now has a 512-page bible on all things meat from where it comes from to the breed to the cuts to how to masterfully prepare them. The beautifully curated content is so legitimate that it even has the blessing of the late Anthony Bourdain who wrote in the foreword: “You hold the right book in your hands. Learning from it will be delicious.”


Haikyo: The Modern Ruins of Japan

Violent Crumble may sound like a damn tasty chocolate bar, but it’s actually the Instagram account of talented photographer, Shane Thoms. Stepping away from the lights and into the shadows of Japan, the adventurous photographer embarks on an underground voyeuristic journey, documenting a curious collection of images that provide a rare and intimate glimpse into a secret, deserted, mysterious and sometimes bizarre abandoned world that lies beyond the neon-lit streets of Japan.


75 Years Of Marvel Comics

With the superhero world taking over modern cinema it’s only fitting that we’d include a book dedicated to tracing the earliest origins of these titular characters. The hefty tome covers eight decades of Marvel history before Stan Lee even came into the fold. From its early days as a four-colour upstart to a 1960s pop-culture dynamo to current Hollywood heavy hitter, this is definitely one for the fans and curious alike.


Tom Ford

If you can’t afford to rock Tom Ford like Jay-Z, you can at least rock the Tom Ford book on your coffee table. Follow the designer on a trip down memory lane, as he catalogues his design work for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. Tom Ford features more than 200 photographs by Richard Avedon, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Terry Richardson, Craig McDean, Todd Eberle, and numerous others.


Russell Westbrook: Style Drivers

He’s the NBA’s most stylish man for a reason and now Russell Westbrook has his own coffee table book which is a celebration of the player’s style both on and off the court, and the creative people he admires and works with. Inside the pages readers will find stylish and inspiring images and text that provide a rare glimpse into Westbrook’s world, revealing how he uses style as a psychological weapon and how he has redefined the role of a contemporary athlete turned cultural figure. If you’re keen to experience life beyond the courts then this is your portal.




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