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The $200 Designer Cap That’s Proof People Will Buy Anything In The Name Of Fashion

Throwing two middle fingers to security sensors.

Well someone took the saying “wear it like you stole it” a bit too literally. Meet the latest baseball cap from Italian-American designer label, Palm Angels.

The cap is everything you’d expect a cap to be. Functional. A colour of your liking. Good fit. And…um, stolen. We figure that the Palm Angels founder Francesco Ragazzi has had enough of people attempting to rip security tags off in five finger discount attempts. His solution? Slap a logo on the security tag and sell it to the damn people.


The resulting abomination of a cap isn’t the worst part though. It’s the price. Palm Angels are selling these ‘stolen-anti-stolen’ caps for an eye watering £100. That’s a bit over AU$180 and way beyond the budget of your neighbourhood lad.

Not content with applying this trend to their cap, customers can even purchase one of their shirts with the same security tag. By now you’d probably be wondering what happens when you walk into a store with an entire Palm Angels outfit because we do. The Palm Angels Tee retails for AU$295 and it also comes with a free security tag. If you ask the shop assistant to leave the actual security tag on for you, you get two for the price of one.

After all of this ranting though we still don’t think this tops Balenciaga’s US$1,290 effort from last year which was essentially a dad shirt sewn over a t-shirt.

Creative or absolute mockery? Let us know what you think.

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  • favfas

    I must say very creative mind.


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