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This Picky Man May Have Created The Greatest Tinder Profile Ever

Gotta have a j.o.b if you wanna be with me.

Tinder is notorious for being a giant cesspool of disappointment with a side of STD roulette. Every now and then though you do hear a tale of a diamond in the rough. This particular male Tinder user is a believer of that dream, thus he created the optimum dating profile checklist in order to maximise his results of meeting the woman of his dreams. Below is a screenshot of his ‘score card’ that was “controversially” attached to his profile.

Many people have already labelled the man’s points system as sexist and perhaps they’re right…to an extent.

“Ridiculous that he’s giving out more points for loving your family than being a freak in bed. Also, 3 hours of Netflix a night shows dedication and should be rewarded, not penalised,” one person replied.

“My score is zero. I didn’t add up anything…zero is just the number of seconds I could spend in conversation with this guy without the overwhelming urge to projectile vomit all over him,” said another.

All fair calls. But if a female listed out a similar criteria for men in their own profile, we’d just have a good chuckle and move along to someone else who was more available or suited to us. Our point is, what’s the big deal? We might not agree with some of the Tinder user’s requisites (leave Netflix out of this, bro), but we have no issues with him or any other person, male or female, expressing what they want in a partner. It is Tinder after all, the 24-hour fast food joint of the dating world. And let’s not forget there was a time not too long ago when people stipulated the race of partner they wanted in their dating profiles. You could be offended or you could just accept the fact that they wanted kids that looked like them.

The screenshot was posted by @TheDreamGhoul on Twitter just a few days ago along with the caption “i have stumbled upon the world’s worst straight dude tinder bio”. It’s fair judgement but on the flip side you can also commend the guy for not beating around the bush and coming straight out with what he wants in a relationship – a rare trait in today’s baiting and ghosting world of Tinder.

Now if we were to choose between being brutally honest, being ghosted on and being pretentious to get our own way, we’d choose the first option – even if that meant not scoring a date at all.

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