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Twin Six Soloist Jersey

Men’s bike jerseys are a cruelly maligned piece of “soft-wear” better known for their fluorescent pomp, garish colour combos and energy gel stains than they are for anything else.

But fortunately for cyclists with good taste, there are now some supremely stylish bike jerseys out there—if only you know where to look. And with brands like Campagnolo, De Marchi and Capo leading the chase, you can be sure to find a jersey that isn’t just comfortable and practical, but also wouldn’t look out of place on the peloton.

Dive on in to some of the hottest brands on sale right now.

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Campagnolo Platino Jersey Was: $179 Now: $125
Santini Kilometro Cero Rider Jersey Was: $114 Now: $68
De Marchi Granturismo Jersey Was: $138 Now: $90
Giordana Moda Scatto Pro Short-Sleeve Jersey Was: $159 Now: $71
Capo Super Corsa Limited Edition Jersey Was: $150 Now: $90
De Marchi PT-EVO Italian Jersey Was: $110 Now: $38
Twin Six Soloist Jersey Was: $94 Now: $56
De Marchi Granturismo Jersey Was: $140 Now: $55
Santini Road World Championships Montreal, Canada Jersey Was: $120 Now: $84
Capo Le Mans Jersey Was: $160 Now: $112

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