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Conquer Your Clients With These Supremely Elegant (& Heavily Discounted) Ties

Master the art of “relaxed elegance” with one of these handmade pieces.

If a tailored navy suit isn’t complete without a pair of white sneakers, then a big business meeting is empty if not for pin stripes and a tie. But you don’t always want to look like a stockbroker. Which is where something light and elegant—a handcrafted tie, for instance—comes into play.

Some of these soft-tailored goodies are now on sale. Even better: they come from Drake’s—an Italian designer known for its dedication to craftsmanship, unwavering quality and idiosyncratic design sensibility.

So if you’re after a silky companion that will stand the test of time (and fashion)—for a crazy reduced price—check out this selection of Drake’s ties.

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Drake's Black Silk Stripe Tie
Black Silk Stripe Tie Was:$165 Now:$119
Drake's Charcoal Cashmere Tweed Tie
Charcoal Cashmere Tweed Tie Was:$175 Now:$139
Drake's Solid Gaberdine Tie in Olive
Solid Gaberdine Tie in Olive Was:$175 Now:$139
Drake's Navy Double Stripe Silk Repp Tie
Navy Double Stripe Silk Repp Tie Was:$165 Now:$129
Drake's Wool Silk Solid Tie in Navy
Wool Silk Solid Tie in Navy Was:$175 Now:$139

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