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It’s Time You Bought This Ferrari F40 LM For $1,690,000

Cup holders not included.

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Its not often a Ferrari F40 pops up on sale but when it does you can expect to pay north of AU$2,000,000 for one. Don’t believe us? You can buy this example in Australia right now for a cool $2,390,000. But today we’re not talking about that particular sale. We’re talking about an even bigger one which comes via Ferrari of Newport Beach over in California – a 1992 F40 LM spec conversion with 0km on the dial since its conversion.

For those who aren’t too familiar with the LM variant of this legendary supercar, it’s basically an upgraded race version of the ‘standard’ F40. Those behind the wheel of the LM receive more power, less weight, less creature comforts, and more aggressive aero to make this one of the most formidable race stallions of its time. Whilst not a legitimate LM – only 19 were produced by Ferrari – the car features the full range of upgrades required to get it up to spec.

The U.S delivered F40 chassis was sent to Ferrari specialists Mototechnique over in the U.K where it received a ground up restoration alongside the LM upgrade to the utmost attention. Given that the cost of the conversion cost more than US$650,000 alone, it’s not too bad a deal for an F40 which also receives new paint, updated interior, engine bay, chassis and gearbox. And it will get you from 0 – 100km/h in 3.1 seconds thanks to a reworked 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8.


Keen to get your hands on this beast? It’s time you dug deep and put in your offer here. It’s only going for US$1,690,000 (+AU$2,300,000). We won’t tell your financial advisor if you let us ride shotgun.

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  • ninelateral

    It’s a beautiful car but I also cry a little inside. It’s an F40 that has been altered, and is not an official Ferrari build. It should be about half that price, as any collector who wants a true investment will have to put it back to stock and that would cost a fortune .So it basically is a car for someone who really wants a not as/so collectible f40 and doesn’t mind the lack of collectability on par with an excellent condition original f40 . Oh it pains me to see this, and the carbon fiber texture has likely been lost forever as aftermarket paint on these ruins the factory panel texturing as Ferrari gave them such a thin coat over the carbon. This ain’t no Honda Civic, and you just don’t meddle with such a rare collectible .


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