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Score 25% Off Australia’s Sexiest Surfboard Right Now

It might not make you surf like Ando, but it’s a start…

If you like ripping the bag out of 1-4ft waves and like to flaunt a stylish stick while you’re at it, we have good news: Backcountry is currently holding selling a slick Haydenshapes sled for a cool $562 (down from $749).

This means you’d be scoring one of Australia’s premium surfboard designers’ most high-performance boards – the White Noiz – for $187 less than you would normally pay (and a good $500 less than it would cost custom).

For those in the know: read no further. For those that are just getting into surfing, here are some quick facts about what you’d be getting yourself into.

  • An all rounder-type shortboard for everyday beach breaks.
  • Can cope with junk, and slightly higher quality conditions, but is designed to hit that sweet spot in the middle that most Aussie surfers find themselves surfing on a regular basis.
  • Great option for an intermediate surfer ready to burn their fish and enter the world of short-boarding.
  • Also great for expert surfers looking for a responsive, playful board to take their small to medium wave game to the next level.

If this sounds like you (or the sort of board you’re after), be sure to check out these White Noiz’s, currently available in 5’8″ and 5’9″ (while they last). If you are between 70-75kg we would advise you try the former, and if you’re between 75 and 80kg—go for the latter. 


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