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Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S10+ Is A Cinematic Selfie Beast…But That’s Not All

We heard you like screens so we put a screen on your screen.

If there is a consumer category that is constantly at war, it’s the smartphones. Almost every month we hear of a new contender thrown in by one of the brands and we’re always holding our breath for the next big thing. We’ve been toying with the heavy weight from Samsung; the Galaxy S10+ and we’ve made a few observations.

1. Your phone will always be used for that group shot…

Whenever friends get together, there’s always a moment where we want to huddle for a big group shot (friends not included). Immediately the phones come pouring out of handbags and pockets. What normally happens then is a very rapid assessment and people will say “use his phone, it has the best camera”. If you’re rocking the S10+ you’ll likely hear this quite a bit. The three cameras on the rear can help you produce amazing low light photos (without the flash) and the wide angle is probably the most useful. If you’re into selfies, it will also do wide angle on the front so you can pull off a group shot without pressing on each others cheeks.

2. Your Insta game is going to be flying…

Something we have never seen in a phone before is tight integration into a social platform like this. Instagram mode on the Galaxy S10 range means that when you open the camera app you’ll have immediate access to filters and editing before uploading to your Instagram Story or creating a post. It saves you time and lets you get back into the moment, or eating the meal while others continue to fiddle on their phones.


3. Your safety can be assured by a fingerprint…

When you make a device with a screen that measures 6.4inches you’ll inevitably lose space for any buttons on the front. That is where a fingerprint sensor would once live, hello iPhone? Previous Samsung models moved that sensor to the back while other brands focused on facial recognition. The S10 range does both, however the fingerprint sensor is in the screen. Don’t ask how, just know that it works and works quickly. No need to stare at your phone to unlock it or take your glasses and hat off, just touch it.

4. You can use any pair of headphones…

It seems to be trendy for phone manufacturers to stick their nose up at the 3.5mm headphone jack and expect customers to use a proprietary connection or an adaptor to make ends meet. Samsung uses USB type C for charging and audio (if you like) but maintains the 3.5mm connection. So bring along your Bose, your Sennheiser and your B&O, it’s welcome here.

5. Your friends will be bugging you for a recharge…

Remember that get together mentioned earlier? Yeah when all those friends of yours start to see their smartphone batteries fading as the night goes on, they’ll turn to you again. If their phone supports wireless charging (most do these days, yes even the iPhone) then they will be able to absorb battery life from the Galaxy S10 range. Wireless PowerShare on the S10 means that you’ll be able to recharge an iPhone, or another Samsung, or Huawei etc. And from our experience, you won’t mind either, because the S10+ gets you through a full day with ease.

6. People will notice the large mole on the front…

That wonderful screen on the Galaxy S10+ produces a fantastic image, incredible contrasts and brightness even in sunlight. But no matter what you are doing on the phone, you cant help but be distracted by that…mole. It’s the front facing cameras that are cut into the screen. So there are pixels surrounding the cameras on the front. We appreciate that Samsung didn’t want to go with a large notch at the top of the screen but your eyes can’t help but glance at that camera hole whenever you pick up the device.

7. You’ll be holding on with two hands…

We’re certain that designers spend years working on the aesthetics of a flagship smartphone. So many interpretations and user testing. The S10+ looks great and they’ll be commended for the design. But the materials used make it one slippery piece of gear. Considering the S10+ starts at $1,499 you’ll be forced to put a case around the product and cover all the thoughtful design work.

8. Lastly, to wait or not to wait…

As we said at the beginning, there is always another brand or device coming to market to topple the other. By mid-year it looks like Samsung will do that to themselves. The S10 5G is coming to Australia and it isn’t just the same phone with superfast 5G connectivity, it’s a whole new device with a bigger screen and four cameras on the back. Whether you wait or not is up to you, but if your phone is due for an upgrade now then you will not be disappointed that you picked the S10+, just expect a little more attention from those around you.

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