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The $228 Men’s Chelsea Boot That’s Perfect In Almost Every Way

Sometimes less is more.

There are Chelsea boots and then there are Chelsea boots. This is the latter and a very good latter.

The Chelsea boot rose to popularity in the UK in the 1950’s and 60’s and their association with the King’s Road in Chelsea. Today the Chelsea boot has become a footwear staple for most luxury brands. The beet’s an essential part of every man’s wardrobe as the perfect partner with denim and chinos in all seasons.

If you want a Chelsea boot by the likes of R.W. Williams and Common Projects you’re going to have to stump up about $700. Another alternative are these alternatives that are made in Spain for a super affordable $228. The Oliver Cabell Chelsea boot is made from soft split suede from Italy and comes in three timeless colours.

Don’t believe us that a tan pair of Chelsea boots is one of the coolest menswear items? Just ask Justin Theroux.

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair boots from Oliver Cabell’s collection now.

Shop Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boots

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot In Lion – $228
Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot In Cappuccino – $228
Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot In Truffle – $228

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