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Man Puts Every Boyfriend In The World To Shame With One Simple Act

When was the last time you gifted your girl something that went viral?

When you start staying over at each other’s places, it’s easy to get complacent in a relationship. However, one man’s simple—and now viral—act proves it’s the little gestures that could get you over the line and into “golden boyfriend” territory.

As reported by Metro, a British man called Aaron recently surprised his girlfriend with a cute overnight care package, comprised of all her favourite toiletries, so she could stay over at his place in more comfort.

This prompted a flurry of tagging, with other girls letting their boyfriend’s know the bar has officially been raised.


It also came with a meme-storm of approval—and more than one vicarious proposal…


And an enquiry into why such good deeds are not more common…

Despite some cynical Twitter commenters’ suggestions, Teigan insisted to Metro she hadn’t ‘trained’ Aaron to come up with this—and nor did she expect him to remember the things she uses—which is why it came as such a nice surprise.

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  • Krystyna

    I suppose Tiegan Doughall herself couldn’t have guessed what would happen following her ‘innocent’ Tweet. A flurry of responses and a topic that would trend for days. But there are greater things here. The man Allan. He probably would have preferred the whole business to remain secret; after all, wasn’t this a mere rendezvous between two young lovers? Nature, however, has its ways of doing things. Allan found himself suddenly thrust onto the stage, becoming the overnight celebrity. And now all men wish they were Allan! Lesson? Never take that ‘girl’ for granted, man. She’s a gem!



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