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This Super Stylish Rimowa Suitcase Alternative Is Just $119

Look first class for the price of coach…

No doubt you have been at the airport and seen some super stylish off duty millionaire that reeks of effortless cool wheeling around their sleek, aluminium suitcase around. We most definitely agree that especially when it comes to long-haul travel, these sophisticated suitcases are as cool as it gets.

The main issue most of us encounter when trying to emulate this look? The price. Most high quality aluminium suitcases, especially those made in Germany by a brand we all know and love are extremely expensive. They start at a quite frankly extortionate $1,300 dollars for a small carry on model. Whilst these are undoubtedly a worthy investment, not all of us can justify the upfront cost (especially when you could fly to Europe and back for the same money). None the less, we would love to get the look alongside our cool carry on luggage.

Well, after some digging, we found this. A lookalike that at $119, costs less than 10% of the premium models.

Aluminium Suitcase - $119

Lets not mess around. These are (probably) not the highest quality and they will not last you anywhere near as long as the genuine German counterparts. But, if you want to get the aluminium suitcase look on a budget, you really cant go wrong.

This model is 28 inches or 71 cm in length, has TSA approved locks, 360° spinning wheels and is made out of sleek aluminium. It also features several handles as well as an internal divider and retractable handle. Since this suitcase is on the bigger end of the spectrum you will need to check it in or you could use it for those extra long road trips.

Shop $119 Aluminium Suitcase

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