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The $68 Slim Fit Men’s Jeans You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Affordable denim done right.

Denim, as you all know can be hit or miss. There are so many aspects that contribute to the perfect pair of jeans from price to colour to thread quality and most importantly fit. All of these factors play key roles in denim and it is hard to find a pair that does everything just right.

Most great looking quality jeans with superior fit are expensive but most cheaper jeans don’t offer the quality and fit of their more expensive counterparts. It’s a struggle to find a perfect pair of jeans, trust us, we know –  and some never actually find the perfect pair even if they know how to wear jeans.

After lots of time and research, we have found these, Everlane’s slim fit jeans and according to their 1300+ reviews with an average of 4.69/5 they appear like they might be pretty good. Made from 98% Japanese Denim they definitely have quality covered, you can even take a look at the Vietnamese factory they are made in.

They’re available in 6 different colours, so you’ll easily be able to find a colour that you like or maybe several. These ones are their slim fit variant, but they also have ‘Skinny’, ‘Straight’ and ‘Athletic’ fits so your bound to find a pair that will fit nicely. The best part is they’re a bargain, at only $68.

There you have it, whats not to love about Everlane’s jeans? They perfectly pair quality, colour and fit, all for a very reasonable price.

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