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Get 25% Off The Watch That’s Built For Hawaii’s Toughest Lifeguards

Tough enough for them, tough enough for you.

Dive watches are often too expensive, made out of precious materials and mechanisms that you wouldn’t ever want falling to the bottom of the sea.

There is a solution in a watch that isn’t going to break your bank though and that’s the official watches of the Hawaiian Lifeguards Association – one of the most robust watches for those who like to take on the seas on a daily basis.

The Hawaiian Lifeguard Association dive watch is made from stainless steel and K1 hardened mineral crystal. It also features luminous hands alongside a 200m water resistance rating which has been field tested by actual life guards, so it’s safe to say that they’re good for anything you throw at them in your daily life. Key appointments include a day-date function, a screw-down crown, rubber strap and rotating bezel so that you can time your dives…or soap bomb bath, depending on what you have planned for the weekend.

For all of this, you’d expect to pay a lot, but you can snap one up for $186 right now. No matter what way you look at this watch, it is the perfect blend of functionality, practicality and affordability for those looking for a daily without the worry.

Shop Hawaiian Lifeguard Watch  $186

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