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Score $70 Off The ‘Bentley Of Steak Knives’ Right Now

Stay a cut above the rest.

Exquisitely crafted. Beautifully shaped and finished. We’re calling it: This is the Bentley of steak knives and it’s just received a discount that no interior junkie will be able to refuse.

Let’s face it, an often over looked aspect of any meal is the utensils you use to eat it, but, they sure do add to the experience. This is even more true for steak night where the quality of your knives can make or more commonly break the experience. No doubt there have been many occasions where in your life where you have spent ages sawing back and fourth through a steak just to get a single bite. Those days should be no longer, it is time to invest in some proper steak knives just like the restaurants.

These Jean Dubost knives are the perfect addition to any bachelor pad and will truly enhance your steak night experience. They feature a stainless steel blade, mineral handle and support for your index finger to ensure cutting, even the toughest of cuts is a breeze.

To make this deal even sweeter, they’re currently $80 off and are now, a rather reasonable $270.

Shop $270 Jean Dubost Steak Knives

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