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Future Bought His 5-Year-Old Son A Rolex & It Made Us Wonder Where Our Life Went Wrong

Daycare flex on fleek.

Fifth birthdays can be a fickle affair in 2019. Do you get the kid a toy. Do you get them a jumping castle. Do you throw them a jumping castle filled with toys. None of the above, according to American rapper Future…you simply gift them a gold Rolex Datejust and wait for their reaction.

And what a hilarious reaction it was: “Thanks…” was the best an underwhelmed and slightly confused Baby Future could muster. The online backlash to the birthday gift wasn’t taken lightly either with comments asking things like: “What’s he gonna do with a Rolex??? He wants toys, man!!!”


Ciara who is Baby Future’s mother did somewhat of a better parenting job by throwing the Baby Future a civilian party complete with cake and balloons. The online reaction here was much more welcoming with a majority of people commenting: “He prefer(s) this over a damn Rollie any day!”

Nonetheless adult Future wanted to make his point clear that Baby Future actually does love Rolexes. So he posted a photo of him wearing it onto Instagram complete with a gratuitous caption.


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“It was somethin bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist” -Meek

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Whilst receiving LEGO was a win for any kid back in the day, it seems there’s a lot of competition going around these days with toddlers receiving extravagant gifts that they can’t even use. DJ Khaled is one of these guys who gifted his one-year-old son a Rolex on top of another diamond studded one that was reportedly worth $100,000.

Should kids be receiving Rolex watches as gifts? We’ll leave that for loaded parents to decide, but if their only reaction is “Thanks” then you probably should have just gone with the LEGO. Or at least this affordable Rolex alternative.

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