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Save 40% Off These Vintage White Sneakers That Will Make Any Outfit Look Cool

Vintage kicks that give back.

If you haven’t already heard about Veja, they make sneakers with a difference. That difference being they are ecologically and socially produced in Brazil and designed in France. Their white sneakers are constructed from a mixture of organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, vegetable tanned leather and recycled plastic bottles. They are made in Southern Brazil and the conditions under which they’re made comply with standards established by the International Labour Organisation.

Veja V10 Sneaker Was: $210 Now: $140
Veja V10 Sneaker Was: $200 Now: $140

So if you’re looking for a good looking sneaker to wear with a suit or anything else whilst letting you sleep easy at night knowing its ecologically and socially sustainable, Vejas are for you.

You can now score up to 40% off their most famous (and probably best) sneaker is called the V10 and has hints of basketball styling paired with a sleek silhouette. There are also other models and colours available in the sale here.

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