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Score 25% Off The Whisky Glass That Will Make Your Drinks Look Sexier

Get whisky weekend ready.

Drinking fine whiskey is an experience and probably not something you do everyday (we hope). To get the most out the experience, you purchase some decent whiskey, cool your whiskey rocks and prepare your home for a bit of winding down to. Why not enhance the experience even more by investing in some glasses to suit the occasion?

Were not talking about some gaudy cut crystal number, but instead about these seriously cool glasses by Huckberry. Made in 2016 to commemorate the centenary of America’s National Parks Service, they feature a raised topographic feature of some most majestic peaks in the world, Yosemite’s Half Dome. They are most definitely one of the best ways to sink a glass (or two).

At only $22 they are well worth the investment, especially since they are hand blown and you get two of them. You’ll now be able to take your one of our favourite experiences to another level and literally be able to enjoy whiskeys ‘on the rocks’ whenever you damn well please.


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