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The $59 Luxury Inspired Men’s Sneaker You’re Actually Going To Want To Wear

Luxe for less.

The world of luxury sneakers is awash with various big name brands that demand big name prices. What if you wanted to get the look for less? Well you can now cop these Puma RS-0 Trophy sneakers for only $59, aka many hundreds of dollars less than what you would be paying for other luxury sneakers. 

The RS Collection sneaker from Puma is actually inspired by some of their models from the late 1980’s and use some of the same technology that featured on them as well. The sneakers also feature a chunky retro design that is very much on trend with the current offerings from the luxury sneaker market. What comes around, goes around I suppose.

Whilst these sneakers are luxury inspired, you will definitely not be paying luxury price. At a mere $59 these sneakers are an absolute bargain and you can cop a pair in a selection of great colour-ways including ‘triple black’, ‘vapourous grey’ and dark red. Whatever your preference, these sneakers will most definitely look the part. 

Note: Our editor liked the RS-0 so much he scooped a pair this week. 

Shop The Puma RS-O $59.00 | Shop The RS Collection

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