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One Of The Sexiest RFID-Protected Leather Wallets Today Only Costs $115

Bellroy’s finest offers leather, security and warranty.

You don’t need us to tell you that wallets are one of the most important accessories a man can own. They hold some of your most important items in life including that photo of your ex, your gym pass and of course your maxed out credit card.

Seriously though, since wallets are tasked with storing various important items, it renders them them worthy of swiping contents from. There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of wallets out there for you to pick from, some of which are awful, others which are brilliant. This particular wallet from Bellroy is the latter and it even comes with added security.

One of they key aspects of Bellroy wallets is their design. They understand that you want to have a multitude of cards, different currencies, coins and business cards in your wallet, but they also want to keep your wallet as thin and useable as possible. To achieve this, they use a combination of thin yet durable leather and a smart design to decrease the overall wallet’s profile.

Not only does it look fantastic in various colours, but it also features RFID protection, room for 12+ cards, a hidden coin pouch, room for flat bills and is made from premium, environmentally certified leather. For only $115, it’s definitely worth the investment. They even include a three year warranty should anything go wrong.

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