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8 Men’s Chinos That Will Instantly Make You Look Cool Without Breaking The Bank

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Cheap Men's Chinos

If you don’t own a pair of chinos then it’s time to question your life choices. Chinos are the staple wardrobe item for any man and they’re the perfect midway point between formal and casual dress duties. And they’re also the easiest pieces of menswear to rock. Whether you use chinos to break up a suit or pair it with a simple polo shirt, its versatility in the modern menswear space is unrivalled.

Before we get into eight of the most affordable pairs of chinos, here’s a quick crash course on them.

Chinos vs Trousers

You might be wondering: What’s The Difference? Chinos can be defined as the combination of a smart trouser made from a more casual, cotton twill. As a result of their origins from mid-century military ware, they’re often more rugged than tailored trousers without dropping in the style game. These days they’re also available in different cuts, colours and fabrics which makes chinos ideal for conquering the urban streets or a precious dress-code party.

Chino Fitment

Like jeans and trousers, chino fitment is essential to nailing your look. The bottom line is that chino fitment is often dictated by the dress code occasion paired to your own personal style.

Formal Occasions

These require a mid-weight cotton with a structure that resembles a suit or separates trouser. Aim for a pair that sit nicely on the hip (no bunching) with the same rise and length in the leg as a trouser, and one with tapering at the ankle. Another way to achieve cinched-look is by rolling the cuff – 1.5 to 2 inches turned-up from the bottom is best. A big trend this season is a slightly wider leg, with the chino being rolled at the ankle to create a tapering at the bottom. It’s a fifties groove that can’t go wrong.

Casual Occasions

There’s less rules in the casual space and guys can opt for either fitted chinos or wider leg chinos depending on their preference. Its versatility means they can be worn with anything from a denim shirt to a flannel shirt to a polo or tee. In the colder seasons it’s a simple case of pairing it with a bomber jacket. Just bear in mind that looser fitting chinos pair better with looser fitting tops.

Chino Colours

Easily a loaded question, chinos come in a multitude of colours to suit just about any taste and personality. The most common colours are often the ones that are the easiest to wear. Think beige, black, cement, off white and even navy. Beyond that the colour spectrum gets louder and careful pairing at the top needs to be accounted for to avoid looking like the next Wiggles member.

For a more comprehensive rundown, check out our guide on how to wear chinos for any occasion.

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