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Make The Best Tasting Coffee Anywhere With This $85 Designer French Press

Your morning routine never looked this fine.

Believe it or not the ‘French Press’ brewing method was actually developed in Italy by two designers in 1929. Known all over the world by different names including ‘coffee plunger’, ‘coffee press’ and ‘stamp pot’, the French press is one of the most rudimentary, yet effective methods of making your favourite brew.

No doubt your parents had one and you might even have one in your own bachelor pad, but it is likely some plastic-glass atrocity you bought for $12 on sale. If your like us and are always trying to find a way to make something purely functional into a piece of art, this stainless steel French press by Stelton is most definitely something you need in your kitchen. It perfectly marries the classic Italian concept with Scandinavian minimalist design to produce something that looks just as good as it works. It’s available in black, stainless steel and white to suit any home.

You can get all of this at 25% off for only $85, which, considering how often you will use it is a bargain.

Shop Stelton French Press $85

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