Drake Rocked His $750,000 'Erotic Watch' To The NBA Finals

Champagne Papi at it again.

If anyone has shown real love for the game then it’s Drake. The American rapper has been playing part-time hype man and part-time coach for weeks on the sideline of the Toronto Raptor’s ascension into the NBA finals…and we’ve been keeping a close eye on the dazzling array of wrist candy that’s been on show.

This time around it’s the Richard Mille‘s exclusive RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon, a timepiece released in 2015 by the Swiss watchmaker which commands US$750,000 – and that’s not even the most intriguing part.


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Even the watch is poetic.

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As we reported last year, the erotic-themed watch has intimate messages built into the moving word bars of the beating tourbillon movement.

The top bar features changeable phrases like: “I want to”; “I need to”; “I long to”; “I lust to”; “I’d love to” and “Let me”

The middle bar joins it up with adjectives like: “explore”; “taste”; “kiss”; “arouse”; “devour”; and “caress”

And the bottom bar lights up the message with: “you tonight”; “your lips”; “your body”; “your nipples”; “your pussy”; and “you madly”

Get the combination right and it could eventually read: “Let me devour your pussy”

We don’t suggest you wear this one to impress the in-laws.

The rapper teamed up with his manager Future Prince on the court side who was also rocking an impressive Richard Mille piece with a striking green strap. Their attire meanwhile was casually sorted with sneakers, sweats and a tee. Nothing outlandish but we are looking forward to seeing what watch Drake will break out in the next game.

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