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The Ferrari Book Every Man Needs To Own Is Now Available For $160

History for your coffee table.

Ferrari is one of the world’s most revered car manufacturers, with a cult following second to none. Their cars grace the race tracks of Formula One, cruise up and down Rodeo Drive and are pushed to their limits on mountain passes. No matter where a Ferrari is, or what it is doing, it is always performing for their drivers and spectators alike. No matter whether you can afford a Ferrari or not, they strike an accord with everyone. There is something about that small prancing horse enveloped in a bright yellow rectangle that gets everyone’s hearts pumping and blood rushing.

This reputation — built over a near 80 year lifetime — has seen them reach some tremendous milestones in the automotive world. In fact, their race team, Scuderia Ferrari, is the most successful Formula One team of all time with 235 wins, one of their vintage Ferrari 250 GTOs selling for a world record $48,405,000 and they have achieved this all whilst making some of the most beautiful and best-performing cars known to man.

The illustrious history and culture Ferrari has developed over many decades has made them an iconic brand of status, design and engineering. Whilst only a small fraction of people are able to afford their cars, one can invest in their history and culture with this, The Ferrari Book. For $160 you can buy a part of Ferrari and buy into that culture and history the brand is known for. No doubt it will add some style to any coffee table and be a great talking point for those ‘in the know’.

This 400+ page dedication to Ferrari delves into some of their most beautiful and iconic designs, archival drawings and prototypes as well as some of the best photographs of the cars bearing that ‘o so famous’ prancing horse — whether they be racing, cruising or just posing. If you’re looking to get lost in the world of Ferrari without breaking the bank, this might be the best way to do it. 

Shop The Ferrari Book $160

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