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Gianluca Vacchi’s ‘Death Ray’ Treadmill Is The Ab Cruncher 2000 Of The Instagram Era 

Opening your mind to new approaches to life keeps you young. But Gianluca Vacchi’s latest invention looks more likely to finish you off…

There are insane fitness gadgets and then there’s Gianluca Vacchi’s ‘Enjoy Bike’ — a treadmill-like machine that requires you to furiously pedal while seated at an angle more suited to cocktails than cardio.

But we expect nothing less from the business tycoon, mad professor, DJ and Italian Playboy turned Reggaeton-loving Instagram sensation, Gianluca Vacchi.

And, to be fair, even though it is a bizarre concept, the results of which could probably be achieved in a regular gym (and without attaching plastic bags to your legs), Gianluca does have a physique (and hairline) that puts most 20-year-olds to shame.

He’s 51.


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Whether or not ‘Enjoy Biking’ really is the secret to Gianluca Vacchi’s success (as his website claims), it certainly is “the meeting point between aerobic activity and infrared technology.”

Some studies suggest exercising with infrared heating helps you detox your body. Others say it could be hazardous to your health.


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Whatever the case, opening your mind to new technologies and approaches to life is what keeps legends like Gianluca Vacchi young — in body and in spirit — well into middle age and beyond.

So don’t buy what we’re playfully calling the ‘death ray treadmill’, but do take inspiration from Signor Vacchi’s lust for life.


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That said, if you can’t be dissuaded, the Enjoy Bike is currently available to purchase or — if you own a fitness related business — to be requested for free.

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