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Man’s Hilarious Response To Girlfriend’s Criticism Of His Moustache Proves Relationships Are Over-Rated

“All the best facial hair dies young.”

Gerbil-like monstrosities blight the top lips of many men today. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. No: today we have a majestic example of what every hombre should aspire to — a damn fine moustache and a loyal as heck dog.

Unfortunately, said man, who goes by the Reddit username of u/sapperdanman, was so harangued by his girlfriend to remove the sublime piece of fuzz, that he eventually gave in.


In a twist of fate, however, it was the short-lived nature of the moustache that has made it so famous — it was only because he had to shave it off that he decided to take a photoshoot with it, thus going viral in ‘post mortemity.’


All the best facial hair dies young.

Fellow Redditors expressed their deepest admiration and sympathies, with tributes flowing into the Reddit thread in their thousands.

  • “Ernest Hemingway would be jealous.”
  • “Your moustache is now history.”
  • “Put it back.”
  • “I don’t know why his girlfriend made him shave it, it looks good.”
  • “It really tied the face together.”

And, simply, “Beautiful.”

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