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A Sweatshirt Is The Easiest Way To Nail The Casual Cool Look; Here’s How To Do It

Never underestimate the classic sweatshirt.

Gone are the days where the reliable sweatshirt was solely associated with a man’s post-gym wardrobe. Or one that involves you, a pack of Cheetos and a Saturday night in. You’re better than that and so are modern day sweatshirts. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to run you through how to wear a sweatshirt and more importantly, what to wear it with.

But first, a quick history lesson. Most people aren’t aware of the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt. Whilst they’re both the same design, sweatshirts are made of a cotton jersey and intended for athletic use. Sweaters on the other hand can be found in woven or more premium fabrics which make them ideal for formal and smart casual looks. Think layering with a suit.

Picking A Good Sweatshirt

There are a few points to cover when looking for a reliable and stylish sweatshirt to throw over for casual duties.


Sweatshirt Fabrics

Classic sweatshirts are made of 100 percent loopback fabric and tend to be heavier in their threading. For modern sweatshirts, there are cotton-polyester mixes which can be thinner whilst remaining sturdy and insulating. Jersey cotton is best for comfort and durability, thus it’s used primarily in sportswear.

Sweatshirt Fitment

Classic sweatshirts exhibit a looser fit whilst contemporary sweats are cut closer to the body on the shoulders and waist. The choice is entirely up to the wearer but we suggest going for the slimmer fit for those after a smarter look to be paired with slim fit jeans or chinos. Looser sweatshirts can be saved for weekend hiking.

How To Wear A Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is as versatile as it is functional. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have championed them in various ways and we’ve rounded them all up for you to gain inspiration from.

Sweatshirt With Jeans

A timeless sweatshirt move is the jeans and sweatshirt combo. Both slimmer and looser fitting sweatshirts work in this case since the entire look is a casual one. Colour-wise, you can opt for sweatshirts which match the denim colour or contrast it. Detailing is also a bonus here with everything from logos, to zippers and patterned stitching all fair game depending on your personal taste.

Sweatshirt With Chinos

Chinos are the perfect item for summer but they also work just as well during colder seasons when sweatshirt season kicks in and you want something a bit more relaxed than trousers but more formal than jeans. Given their smart casual nature, it’s best to pair tighter fitting sweatshirts with chinos. They can be worn over tees,collared shirts or polos for a sharp and effortless look.

Sweatshirt With Shorts

Here’s wear things get gnarly. Are you hot or cold? Well let’s just say this look is more suited to warm autumns where style counts more than functionality. As a winter workout look, the sweatshirt plays perfectly to a pair of gym shorts and runners. For something a bit more polished, go for fitted dress shorts and pair it with a non-logo sweatshirt (small branding is fine). Remember this sweatshirt and short look is more smart casual so you want to let the colours, fitment and fabric texture do the talking.

Sweatshirt With Trousers

From luxe streetwear to high pared down formal wear, sweatshirts have today entered the pointier end of the male wardrobe. What that means is that trousers, traditionally worn with suits and dress shirts, can now be paired with a premium sweatshirt. Notice the keyword here is premium as this means a tailored fit, exquisite detailing and premium construction. Nail these and you’ve got one slick sweatshirt look your next client meeting will thank you for. Also, big fit is okay…but only if you’re in it for the fashion stakes. For a more professional look always go slimmer sweatshirts with trousers.

Sweatshirt With Sweatpants

Ah, the full sweatshirt/sweatpants combo. This is full athleisure mode where a gym uniform is now a lifestyle uniform. Use this look to visit your local cafe on a weekend, on plane ride or just in regular transit. Either way it’s a killer casual look for any casual occasion. Sneakers are also warranted here and keep the sweatshirt fitted for a more contemporary look. Matching tops and bottoms is also the hottest trend of the moment.


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