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Jamie Foxx’s ‘Dad Suit’ Is Something Most Dads Can’t Pull Off

Hype Dad on point.

Gucci, Rolex, Off-White. If you needed proof that not all dads are born equal in the wardrobe department then Jamie Foxx is it. The 51-year-old actor showed up to the Netflix premiere of The Black Godfather this week dripping in more designer hype labels than your local 21-year-old wannabe influencer – and he made it look good.

Starting off with a charcoal suit with textured dots, we have some serious athleisure vibes going on thanks to the drawstring trousers which is a very modern look that doesn’t sit out of place in a semi-formal environment like this. The red contrast stripe on the side leg is also a slick touch which flows on to the holy grail of today’s modern sneaker collection – Off-White Nikes. That’s not all though. Foxx paired the suit with an immaculate Gucci polo in red with the Italian label’s signature colours wrapped around the collar. As with most suit-polo combos, Foxx buttoned the shirt to the top for an extra sharp look. Evening aviator sunglasses? Check. Try getting your dad to pull that off.


The watch he’s wearing with the suit is hard to pick from the photo and we’re not going to say it’s a Rolex…but we can say Foxx that has had a penchant for gold Rollies in the past. At a recent event alongside his daughter he was spotted in a Day-Date in yellow gold which he paired with a bomber jacket.

Foxx did something similar at another event where he paired a designer Jack Manson tracksuit with the same or a similar-status gold watch.

Dads, looks like Motherf*cker Jones just put you on notice.

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