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Get This Gucci Inspired MLB Denim Jacket For Just $75

A cool twist on a menswear classic

We are sure you’re aware that denim jackets are a staple for any guys closet rotation. Whether you’re a full blow double denim dude or just love the practicality and look a a denim jacket you’ll recognise that some denim jackets are superior to others. This jacket from Levis is most definitely one of superiority and they’re on sale for only $75.

Whilst we cannot confirm what this is jacket’s style was inspired by, we have noticed that it looks rather similar (almost identical) to a recent offering from Gucci. They both feature a medium wash denim fabric with a patch above the right pocket and embroidery on the back.

Whilst the Gucci model obviously has big G’s with red and green all over it, the Levi’s model uses the logos and branding of MLB teams for the inspiration behind the patchwork and embroidery on their offering, which ends in an arguably better look. So there you have it, get a great looking jacket, high quality jacket for only $75, now thats worthy of your hard earned cash.

Shop The Levis MLB Range $75

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