The Playbook For The Modern Man

Refreshing Life Truths Every Man In His 30s Needs To Know

When you turn 30 you don’t need to set an alarm; your problems wake you by force.

By the time you’re 30, you should be the proud owner of a bad back, mild anxiety and a ‘third life’ crisis.


Even if that’s an exaggeration, it’s certainly true that as you get older you have less need for an alarm clock. Whether this is down to biology or the accumulated stresses of life, only those that write the cliche’s really know…


One legend, however, has taken the stereotypes, crumpled them into a ball, and taken to Twitter with 38 genuine, uplifting life lessons he has learnt during his 38 years on the planet.

Declan Cashin, an Irishman, who works as a deputy curation lead for Twitter, then went viral, as people responded positively to the refreshing honesty of his birthday Tweet.

Some of his insights, like “no one is having as much sex as you think they are” are quite hilarious (if revealing) and others, like “comparing yourself to others is a mental health catastrophe,” are more heartfelt.

Other standouts include:

  • Try not to be late for things.
  • Stop avoiding the dentist.
  • Naps are f***ing great. Embrace them.
  • Take your backpack off on busy trains.
  • Try audiobooks (“getting over my aversion to (them) has been revelatory”).

Some even went against conventional wisdom, adding to the list’s relatable charm.

  • Appreciate good bosses. Tell them they are good bosses.
  • Offer to babysit for your friends with kids (“don’t believe them when they insist they have it all under control”).
  • Doing things by yourself is great.
  • Dogs should be compulsory on public transport during the morning commute.

And others contained sage advice.

  • Get a therapist, if you can. Even if you think you don’t need one. Especially if you think you don’t need one.
  • There’s no such thing as a job for life.
  • When you’re offered a new job, always ask for more money than you think is possible; it’s very difficult to get that once you’re in a job.
  • Losing a parent at any age is always going to be terrible. Go easy on yourself.
  • New Year’s Eve is always terrible.
  • Self-depreciation is fine. Just don’t let it tip over into self-loathing.

The Irishman later revealed he had not anticipated the list going viral, but said he was “overwhelmed” by the positive response, and wanted to thank other Twitter users (like the ones baffled he was single) for being so “kind and thoughtful”.

See the full list below.


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The playbook for the modern man

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