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The $55 Men’s Hoodie That Will Save You From Freezing Over In Style

Boys in the hood.

For nearly a decade, hoodies or sweatshirts have been one of the most popular garments for men looking for a quick warm up garment. Whether they’re used for exercising, lounging around or casual wear, there’s no limitation with how they can be worn (maybe not with a suit) and this has been proven by icons like Rocky, Drake, Kanye and more. Originally designed for football players to wear instead of their itchy woollen jumpers, hoods were only added in the 1930’s when they were used by factory workers in the cold of New York.

There’s no doubt you would have owned a hoodie or maybe twenty. The perfect hoodie combines a relaxed fit, a super soft cotton lining, quality construction and relative affordability. There are a multitude of cheap hoodies out there, but they obviously lack the softness and feel of more expensive counterparts. But then again, who wants to break the bank buying a hoodie?

After searching far and wide for the perfect hoodie, we believe we have stumbled upon it. Introducing the Lightweight French Terry Hoodie by Everlane. This hoodie perfectly pairs premium feel and softness with it’s 7oz brushed cotton fleece. It has a 4.79/5 rating from more than 280 reviews, which isn’t bad. With sizes from XS to XXL you’ll be able to find the perfect fit, and the best part? They’re only $55. What’s not to love? Hood up!

Shop Everlane Hoodies $55

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