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Score $150 Off The Speaker That Will Turn Your TV Into A Home Cinema

From lounge room to home cinema.

Sonos has rapidly become the speaker to have in your house. Their elegant design perfectly paired with phenomenal performance makes them a very interesting proposition without breaking the bank. How good are they? Well  they don’t even need to market them as word of mouth takes care of that which is testament to their quality and performance.

The units are operated wirelessly and can easily be paired with one another to create a fantastic surround sound experience that brings the beats to your party. Controlled is easily sorted via an app that can play music from almost any stream service or library.

It’s obvious that Sonos speakers are brilliant in almost every way, apart from one – price. The Sonos Sound Bar that works as a home cinema system, on the mantle piece or tucked in a shelf will set you back $699, which is rather expensive. You can however purchase a refurbished one for $549 which is a very good deal considering you will never find Sonos speakers on sale. They will even tune themselves to the room for the optimum high fidelity experience.

Don’t be scared that they’re ‘refurbished’ the speakers are refurbished by a Sonos technician with Sonos parts and they even include a one year warranty.

Shop The Refurbished Play Bar $549

If you would prefer something smaller and less expensive or want to pair them with the Play Bar for a surround sound experience, you can pick up the Sonos One (above) for a rather reasonable $169 here.

They also have a subwoofer, larger wireless speakers and other set ups for your home theatre set up which you can score here.

Take the opportunity while it’s here.




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