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The Ultimate Gift For Porsche Lovers Is Only $77

A reasonably priced Porsche?

For the last 88 years Porsche has been producing the worlds benchmark for sports cars. From the 356 to the 918 Porsche has not only made some technically astounding cars, but the have also made some cars that are truly beautiful. This combination of heritage, technical ability and beautiful design has rendered almost anything the brand makes as iconic and timeless.

To celebrate some of their most important moments, Porsche has produced a coffee table book called ‘Porsche Milestones‘. Not only does the book explore some of the brands most famous models and marks, but it also brings light to some of their finest moments, including Le Mans wins, lap records, engineering feats and even some of the people behind those moments.

Whether you are skimming it through with your morning coffee or examining it in detail before bed, this book is bound to invigorate your imagination with tales of race cars, engine oil and revving engines. For all this history and heritage a mere $77 is an absolute bargain. No doubt, much like their cars, this book will be cool for many decades to come.

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