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The $58 Men’s Button Down Shirt That’s A Must-Have Smart Casual Staple

Button down in style.

Not all blue button-down shirts are born equal. Especially at an affordable price like $58. Whilst you wouldn’t be expecting to get much for that kind of coin, you’d be wrong because Everlane have bucked the trend with this superior classic slim-fit button-down which is perfect for summer duties in the office or at the bar.

The classic slim-fit button-down is made from extra light pinpoint Oxford cloth, which is woven tighter from a thinner yarn, making it super light but just as durable as the much pricier Japanese Oxford.

And when it comes to the brand itself, Everlane is an online retailer based in the U.S. The business was founded to sell clothing with transparent pricing and country of manufacture.

Their Air Oxford Shirt is ethically made from 100 percent cotton in their Lever Shirt Factory in Vietnam.

A quick tip for the uninitiated: Even though this button down shirt comes in an option of eight colours, light blue is the most versatile especially when paired to a suit or jeans. Think grey, navy, black and even linen blazers worn over the button-down. When it’s time to casual things up, the blue button down even goes well with indigo or charcoal jeans. 

Nothing but air – and that’s a good thing in this case. 

Shop The Air Oxford Shirt  $58

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