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The $35 Polo Shirt That Will Revamp Your Smart Casual Game

A classic menswear staple gets a massive mark down.

The classic polo shirt is a timeless men’s staple today. Ever since Rene Lacoste – the tennis pro and original polo engineer – decided that the 1920s tennis uniform wasn’t so trés bien after all, the player-turned-designer eschewed the frumpy uniform worn by contemporary athletes at the time, instead opting for something a bit more chic. Enter the polo shirt.

From a simple base layer to a dress shirt replacement, the polo shirt can take on multiple duties from smart casual through to laid back casual. The real winner is the fact that it’s timeless so it’ll never go out of style. Now while there are endless polo shirt styles to choose from in today’s retail landscape, picking one that strikes a fine balance between price and quality is much harder.

Everlane, the people behind the ethical manufacturing of clothes have their own polo for just $35 – an absolute bargain considering how many wears you’ll get out of it. The only two areas you need to worry about are the materials it’s made of and what to wear polo shirts with.

But first, materials. Polos these days come in cotton, knitted fabric and linen. Each one is effective at doing a particular job so choose wisely. For hotter and more humid climates linen is the way to go. For standard climates you can’t go wrong with the classic polo in cotton. For those after a bit of luxe in colder climates, the solution is knitted polos.

Pair polo shirts with jeans, chinos, trousers or shorts and you’ve got one hell of a smart casual game. In Everlane’s case, their polo is anything but a dad item. Made of 100 percent cotton it features a classic pique knit texture but has a slimmer collar and fit for an updated look. No logo means there’s no problem with dressing it up or down.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on Everlane’s polo shirt now which comes in a range of solid and reliable colours.

Shop The Everlane Polo Shirt  $35

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