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One Of The Most Stylish Weekender Bags You’ll Ever Find Is Now Under $100

The bag that does it all.

I’m sure you can all agree that slinging a weekender bag into the boot of your car and heading off on an adventure is one of life’s great pleasures. It is the start of your journey and one that is only complete once that same bag is tossed into the bottom of your cupboard upon return.

Not only is your weekender bag itself central to the experience of a short weekend away, but it also carries all of the things you might need and probably a lot of stuff you’d want to take away to your destination of choice. Safe to say that a stylish, good quality weekender bag is an essential for all men.

Picking this essential is no easy task. The task is even harder when you’re on a budget of $100 and under. Well, if you are, look no further than this, the Twill Weekender from Everlane.

Made from a 100% water-resistant non-slub cotton twill exterior, this is a weekender that won’t fall apart any time soon. There’s also a nice military touch in the leather straps and gunmetal feet.

No, it isn’t as sophisticated as a leather bag, nor will it last as long or age as well. But, it isn’t trying to be a leather bag, or trying to do what a leather bag does, but it won’t cost you upwards of $600 like they will. Instead it offers a great looking, quality product that will carry everything you need for a weekend away in style.

Constructed from a thick, 100% water resistant cotton twill, with leather straps and gunmetal feet, the Twill Weekender is by all means fantastic quality, especially when you consider the price. Really, this bag will perform any duty you ask of it and do it well.

Whether you’re taking a flight, heading to the snow, going fishing or using it as a gym bag, the Twill Weekender will cater to your needs and look great doing it. Available in Black, Dark Green and Golden Brown, there is a colour to suit. The design is clean, sleek and minimal, something which will look cool for years to come.

There you have it, a weekender bag that looks great, is built to last and will accompany you anywhere. It can be all yours for only $98, a bargain, there really isn’t any reason to not have one.

Shop The Twill Weekender  $98

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