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These $132 Handcrafted Men’s Loafers Will Effortlessly Sharpen Up Your Wardrobe

Ankle action is the best kind of action.

In the summer time when the weather is fine, men wear loafers. Not just any loafers but handcrafted ones which can deliver the perfect balance between style, comfort and quality.

Looking after you today in that department is Diplomatic, a Spanish-based footwear brand responsible for some of the finest warm weather shoes going around. Their loafers are of notable mention, as these bad boys are handmade and stitched in Spain. There’s also an ethical backbone to Diplomatic who utilise certified calf skins of Galician, Italian and French origin to achieve maximum comfort and durability.

The bari, classic fringed moccasin and tassels with stitched sole made with sewn intercarnes are all products of Diplomatic’s Spanish footwear master craftsmen as opposed to mass producing machines. They also come in three exceptional colours and finishes like marino suede, brown suede and brown leather.  

The only question remains: How do you wear loafers and what do you wear them with?

When it comes to loafer pairings men are spoilt for choice. The general consensus is that loafers can be worn with everything from jeans (fitted please) to chinos to shorts. For a more formal look loafers can even be paired with blazers, suits and tuxedos.

What you shouldn’t wear loafers is winter wear. Given that loafers are the footwear symbol of summer, pairing one to a down jacket could look a bit contradicting.

Beyond that, these are the loafers every man needs to sharpen up their wardrobe. Simple yet versatile, the men’s loafer is the dark horse of men’s style.

Shop The Diplomatic Loafers  $132

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    I’m convinced every fashion post here is just a troll post. Tassel loafers?? Absolutely hideous, and only excusable on the feet of a 70 yr old father. The lead image made me wretch.


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