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These $68 Men’s Black Jeans Are Secretly Worth A Lot More

Always bet on black.

It would be easy to write of a $68 pair of jeans as too cheap to be any good, but what if we told you they were actually worth $155? Now you’re listening as a markdown like that is definitely a worthy investment. Here’s how you can get a pair of $155 jeans for only $68.

Everlane is an ethical clothing manufacturer and as with any other brand there are costs involved in making their products which include materials, labour, transport duties and taxes.

In order to make the business viable, Everlane then needs to charge a price above this to make a profit. Unlike most brands however, Everlane charges a much lower profit margin, making high quality products more affordable and accessible to customers. Cheap jeans for the masses? You got it.

These black jeans cost Everlane $31 from production to you and they make $37 profit on top of that for each pair sold whereas other brands would be making a staggering $124. Whilst this might seem ludicrous to some, Everlane just wants to provide ethically made, high quality products for less. In other words, you’re the real winner here. Not a fan of denim? Check out the most stylish cheap chinos instead.

Back to the jeans. Made from 11oz Japanese denim in a factory you can actually tour in Vietnam, they’re high quality for the price. Their slim fit design is also the perfect ‘halfway house’ between a straight cut and skinny fit jean which provides a tapered and elegant silhouette without cutting off circulation to your legs.

It isn’t just us that can vouch for how good these jeans are though. They have received a 4.69 star rating out of 5 from almost 1,400 reviews. So if you need some new denim or simply want $155 jeans for less than half the price at $68, there is no better time than now to score these slim fit black jeans from Everlane.

Shop The Everlane Black Jeans  $68

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