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This Is The Perfect Men’s Summer T-Shirt & It’s Only $22

Get your shirt envy on.

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ll appreciate that t-shirts are by far one of the most important essentials in your wardrobe.

They can be worn with sweatpants whilst you’re recovering from your big Saturday night or with the best suit brands and white sneakers to a summer wedding. We live in an age where a t-shirt can pretty much do anything, so why not invest in a good one? Well we’ve got the answer for you.

As they’re made by pretty much every brand imaginable and worn by everyone, we all have our own take on what makes the perfect t-shirt. Some of the things we can all agree on though is that they need to be made from a quality fabric and fit well.

The ‘Air crew’ t-shirt from Everlane does just that. Made from a 3.7oz cotton, it enables cool breezes in and exhales body heat out for the perfect company during summer or warmer climates. They aren’t made from some bottom rack fabric either, Everlane is a sucker for quality and whilst they offer affordable products, they also want to ensure they are the highest of quality. You can even see this for yourself by taking a tour of the factory they’re made in.

Available in a slim fit, this t-shirt will perfectly hug your body and look sleek with any outfit. Looking for a looser fit? Just go up a size and you will still keep that great silhouette without the tightness. Even better news? They’re priced at only $22 so don’t lose your shirt.

Shop The Everlane T-Shirt  $22

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