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Researchers Discover What Men Need To Eat To Improve Their Sex Drive

Nuts helping nuts.

Nuts. That’s what men should be eating more of if they want to improve their sexual function, according to the latest research from Spain.

The findings which were published in the journal ‘Nutrients‘ outlines that men who added just two handfuls of nuts a day to their diet would see an improvement in their sex drive. The data was compiled from a 14-week study involving a group of men on a Western-style diet with nuts added. The group was then compared against a separate group on the same diet without nuts in their diet.

The daily control portion meanwhile was 60g of nuts per day which consisted of almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. The researchers conclusion of this nutty study?

“Including nuts in a regular diet significantly improved auto-reported orgasmic function and sexual desire.”

The latest findings follow on from a study in 2018 which highlighted how daily nut consumption improved sperm quality. The most recent tests took this a bit deeper with researchers surveying the changes in erectile function amongst test subjects.

This was accomplished via biomarkers and blood samples alongside participant responses to questionnaires. The tests meanwhile were conducted amongst 83 healthy males aged between 18 and 35-years-old. All of them were subjected to the Western style diet which is commonly low in fruits and vegetables and high in animal fats. 43 of the males were placed in the nut-enriched group whilst the remaining 40 on the same diet had nuts excluded.

Whilst this is bad news for men who are allergic to nuts, there’s still the looming question of why eating nuts actually benefits sexual function and whether it’s viable in the long term. The researchers have called on more research in the area to answer these questions but until then, feel free to elevate your nut game. Scientists’ orders.

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