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The $95 Men’s Clear Frame Sunglasses That Will Protect Your Eyes In Style

Give yourself a clear advantage with these stylish sunglasses.

A good pair of sunglasses has and always will be an absolute essential for men. Not only do they add style to any outfit, but they also protect your eyes from the sun’s nasty rays. To find a pair of sunglasses that perfectly combine style and protective ability for a reasonable price is a hard ask, but these clear framed sunglasses from Warby Parker might be the perfect proposition.

For those of you not ‘in the know’, Warby Parker is a New York based firm that creates high quality, stylish and protective sunglasses. To go about this, Warby Parker designs all of their glasses in house, has a tight control over their supply and manufacturing chains and engages with customers directly. The end result is that they can deliver great sunglasses for reasonable prices.

One of the hottest trends in sunglasses right now is clear frames. And — fortunately — no longer are clear frames confined to the noses of architects and graphic designers; they’re now a must have for any stylish man and have been seen on the likes of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Many options out there are ridiculously expensive and the cheap ones look nasty.

The ‘Topper’ from Warby Parker, however, looks great and only costs $95. Not to mention it includes polarised lenses — reducing glare even more. Because the frames of the sunglasses are clear, they will go with any outfit and are pretty well appropriate for all occasions.

There really isn’t anything complicated about it, these are great sunglasses for a great price.

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