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This $180 Grey Sneaker You Can Wear With Anything Is Actually Worth A Lot More

Embrace the grey.

The white sneaker movement may already dominate your shoe wardrobe but a grey pair is something special. Think of it as a dark horse of the casual sneaker game with its versatility allowing it to pair with anything from shorts to jeans to chinos and trousers. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s literally a darker version of white sneakers.

Most grey sneakers these days exhibit a pretty standard cool grey hue but it’s their textures that really give these kicks life and character. For those looking for a sleek alternative to white sneakers, grey sneakers can provide that extra bit of pop without drawing attention away from your actual garments.

From the outside the Aurélien low-top sneakers feature sporty rubber soles with a wavy pattern and brand logo underneath. Nothing too unique aesthetically but delve deeper and you’ll notice the grading of materials used which takes this shoe to designer levels of craftsmanship.

The label calls this process ‘Smart Luxury’, a move which sees the their sneakers being manufactured to the highest quality in Italy before being sold direct to the customer. No middle man means more savings for you. The Aurélien low-top sneakers feature extremely soft leather, calf lining with extra padded insole for extra comfort and waxed laces. There’s even an Italian wave patterned margom sole and an Aurélien Dustbag for travelling.

It’s not the cheaper casual shoe you can get but for the quality and hand craftsmanship, it’s an absolute steal.

Shop The Grey Cambridge Sneaker  $180

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