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This $189 Watch Is The Most Affordable Alternative To The Blue Rolex Submariner

Getting the blues never looked so good.

Owning one of Rolex’s most beautiful (and expensive) Submariner watches – the 116619LB – is just a pipe dream for some, however, we’ve found an equally dashing alternative from Seiko which can’t be beaten for looks and money.

The Japanese manufacturer’s SRPB89 (Series 5 Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch) features a 43mm case, automatic movement, a brilliant blue dial and bezel, uni-directional rotating stainless steel bezel, Seiko’s Caliber 4R35 movement, 41-hour power reserve, an open case back and is finished on a smart stainless steel bracelet.

This is a prime example of Seiko’s continued value for money position in the market. The SRPB89 is also well designed and made with Japanese quality and precision. For $189 (and 65% off) you can’t go wrong if you’ve always wanted a shade of blue to your growing watch collection. 

Shop Series 5 Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch  $189.00

Sold out? Try here, here, here. 

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4 Responses to This $189 Watch Is The Most Affordable Alternative To The Blue Rolex Submariner

  1. D Smith says:

    I have a Seiko 5. Cheap junk. Inaccurate. Can’t be serviced it’s a throw away. But some are happy with this type of thing but the value is questionable.

  2. Dan K says:

    They can definitely be serviced. It depends on what’s wrong.

  3. Grady Philpott says:

    That’s total BS. Seiko 5 watches are among the best mechanical watch bargains on the market and they are definitely serviceable.

  4. Ilya Andreev says:

    Alternative to Rolex?:)))) What else? Mercedes, Audi, :))))

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