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Here’s The $75 Workman Shirt That’s Perfect For Those Who Don’t Like Wearing Shirts

Stylish workwear for days.

It’s an odd time of year at the moment where the days are hot and the nights can be chilly as hell. Commoners like to call it transitional season, we like to call it a good excuse to wear awesome pieces like this Chore Overshirt from Everlane, one of the most ethical online retailers at the moment.

Evoking denim and chambray vibes, the Chore Overshirt from Everlane is constructed from 100 percent cotton in a 8.6 oz twill to make for a light yet durable layer. The best part is that it can be worn either under a jacket during the colder days or over a t-shirt on hotter days. How’s that for wardrobe versatility?  

The cut features extra room in the shoulders, chest and body for a more relaxed fit and looks equally sharp buttoned or unbuttoned. The play is solely dependent on your occasion. 

Everlane’s transparent pricing structure also means that you know exactly what you’re paying for and where your dollar is going when it comes to materials, labour, hardware, duties and transport. No middle man means cheaper pricing for you and a more ethical way of doing business.

Shop The Everlane Chore Overshirt $75

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