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Drake Awkwardly Wore A $400,000 Patek Philippe Watch To A Hublot Event

Sorry, not sorry.

Well that’s awkward. When you’re Drake though you can pretty much dress as you like without needing to abide by many dress codes.

Case in point, Drake’s latest sighting at the Hublot Collectors Dinner in Miami. The Canadian rapper was spotted amongst good company on the night with colleagues like French Montana rocking Hublot gear as you’d expect.

Drake instead opted for his insane diamond studded Nautilus 5719/10G with 1,343 diamonds encrusted on the watch’s unmistakable face and bracelet. The price? Not officially listed on Patek’s site but on other retail sites it’s priced at anywhere between US$350,000 – US$430,000.

Drake paired the extravagant timepiece with a simple baby blue Bob Marley print shirt which featured photos of the music legend all over. His pants were nothing to write home about which consisted of simple black jeans and suede black boots. All in all it was a simple outfit which works fine for any summer party in Miami, one would assume. $400,000 watch not included.


Here’s a closer look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus on Drake’s wrist. Besides the 1,343 diamonds, the watch features a 40mm white gold case alongside a date function. Just another day in the life of Drake. Good luck trying to pull this one off with your next summer dinner party outfit.

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  • Brad Bloodworth

    What a tasteless buffoon this idiot is. How about you buy a couple of hundred thousand pairs of Kids size Converse Chuck Taylors and donate them to kids in the middle east comong onto winter.

  • Peter Samuel Suspension-inc

    That’s a diamond studded aquanaut isn’t it not a nautilus.

  • Manny

    Why exactly should he donate to kids in the middle east? Shouldn’t that be done by them since they own all the oil? Why not to the kids here in the US or Canada where he is from? Better yet why should he have to donate anything? It’s his money he earned it and he can buy whatever he wants. Also, you have no clue how much money he donates a year. He can’t be a buffoon or an idiot if he can buy that watch. Can you? I’m sure you will lie and say yes but we both know you can’t. He worked for his money so let him do as he wishes with it. I don’t see you asking Oprah, Obama, Hillary or any other extremely wealthy people to buy Converse for kids in the middle east. Actually your an idiot for saying he should buy Converse for kids. Why not something more practicable for the environment they are in? For someone who is worried about “children” it seems it’s more important to be fashionable than practicable. Spend $60-$80 for one pair of shoes over going to Walmart and getting 6-10 pairs for that price and possibly getting them what they need over being stylish. What this proved is that your the idiot not him. Must be liberal/democrat since you’re wanting to tell other people what they should do with their money.

  • Eric Faulk

    Well…how much of your income do you give away? A simple Google search will show Drake’s various philanthropic efforts, but I don’t see anything online about yours.

  • Joseph Schwartz

    It is infact a Nautilus. Aquanaut is more rounded casing,while the Nautilus is boxed on the sides

  • Simon Lee

    How do you know it was bought and not sponsored?

  • Brad Bloodworth

    We all know that there is buckleys chance of Assad ever donating anything to the children in and around his country other than barrel bombs and poisonous gas.

    Take the Oil issue out of the equation and YES the needy should start at home, we are in absolute agreement, but Drake is a Star on an International Scale and while kids across the states are desperately in need of humanitarian assistance the level of hardship and desperaration are worlds apart. I just find this display of wealth absolutely tasteless and I have no doubt most people probably agree that on a purely desperate and hardship level the kids in NOT just Syria but a variety of the countries ravaged by war are in the most need. Brother, I’m not fighting you here, but lets hope that in his collection of beautiful timepices most are donated and with his incredible wealth from his amazing talent he does an incredible amount of good.
    Regards and Peace to all,


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