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Iconic Paradise Beach Scene Reveals Greek Freedom Australians Can’t Handle

There’s more to Mykonos than sun and sand.

Forget sunburn; being too embarrassed to flaunt your booty at the beach is one of the biggest give-aways you are a tourist in Mykonos.

Even as body-positivity drives Australia and America’s Elastic Waistband Revolutions, when it comes to feeling free to shed our bikinis and boardshorts, we are still lagging behind Greece (and much of continental Europe).

There are two main reasons for this, the first being, as Liv Hambrett, European correspondent for the Daily Life, puts it, we are brought up to be mortified by public nudity.

“Every sex scene that comes out of American, British or Australian television… seems to involve the female actress being firmly swaddled in enormous bed sheets from go to woe, lest a boob pop out or a groin area be hinted at.”

“It’s this very type of image – the bed-sheet swaddled post-coital couple – that reinforces the attitude we cannot escape from; nude bodies are naughty, sexy when within certain aesthetic parameters, and seeing them is abnormal and alarming,” she adds.

The second reason is: we have been drilled with beauty standards that are only possible to reach within a narrow age (and size) range.


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This means, even if we deprogram our nudity-stigma, we may still feel embarrassed to flaunt our bodies at the beach.

But, as the following – iconic – Paradise Beach photo reveals, this mindset unravels once you realise one thing: no one cares what you look like as much as you do.


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Paradise Beach is the most famous of Mykonos’ clothing-optional beaches, located roughly three-and-a-half miles southeast of Chora (the island’s main town).

While – especially in summer months – people are more likely to go topless than fully nude at Paradise Beach, as Tripsavvy reports, “nudity is not illegal here, and most people on the beach largely ignore it, so you don’t have to worry about getting weird looks or hearing snide comments if you choose to strip down to your birthday suit.”

However, “if you like to party – with or without clothing – Paradise Beach is for you,” Tripsavvy adds. “Its reputation as a nude beach has given way to hordes of young people dancing after dark, although partying is common while the sun shines, too.”


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Whether it’s Mykonos, The French Riviera, Capri or San Sebastian, experiences like these are seeing tourists start hitching their swimmers to the nudism bandwagon.

Consequently, as Nine Honey revealed last year, nudism is now (slowly) growing in Australia. And – as we reported three weeks ago – this is coming with the realisation that there are various other basic freedoms Europeans are afforded that we are missing out on too.


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Of course, you should feel no pressure to get nude, drink 11am beers, double park, cycle without a helmet or start taking your coffee with long-life milk. The point is; it’s great to feel free to do so.


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Intrigued? Allow Liv Hambrett’s description of her first-ever ~experience~ soothe your fears; “I flipped over and offered my very nude body to the sky… Nothing happened. There wasn’t a clap of shame-thunder [and] the water didn’t reel back in horror and then rush to cover me up.”

“No one pointed, no one looked meaningfully at my ‘problem areas’, no one made any comments about bikini bodies or being bikini ready. Actually, no one even glanced my way. The old nude French man was far too busy loving life with his old nude wife, the merrily naked gay couple behind me were trying to find stones big enough to weigh down their towels and those who strolled by on occasion simply kept strolling by.”

Capische? Now all you have to worry about is the sunburn.

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