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Jensen Ackles Pulled Off A $4,000 Gucci Jacket With A Rolex ‘Hulk’ Submariner

He doesn’t just hunt monsters…

When you’re celebrating 15 seasons of one of the most successful television shows in the past two decades, you’re allowed to wear whatever you want. American actor Jensen Ackles did exactly that at the press conference for the final season of ‘Supernatural’ ever — and he did it with a highly sought-after Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ edition.

Seated alongside his partner in crime Jared Padalecki at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles this week, Ackles donned a AU$4,000 white knit jersey jacket from Gucci complete with contrasting lapel and pocket piping for one hell of a summer look. That’s not all though because Ackles pinned the whole look down with white jeans, a green printed silk shirt and the aforementioned Rolex ‘Hulk’ on his wrist.

This is a rather daring look on Ackles considering the man has been rocking dark denim jackets, flannel and regular cut jeans for the better part of fifteen years. But what a welcome change it is.


The jacket’s striking embroidered cotton construction paired perfectly to Ackles’ floral print shirt and bright green Rolex Submariner Date in stainless steel. The watch itself has a RRP of AU$12,000 from Rolex but given the long wait times and availability, you’re looking more at double the price on the second-hand market. We can’t stress enough how hard these pieces are to wear but the 41-year-old American actor made this look way too easy.

If this is what happens after the send off to a long-running show then we’re keen to follow this new journey into retirement.

Ackles didn’t stop there though. That following night Ackles traded up the white blazer for a monochrome look which featured a fun pineapple print shirt in black and white paired to a black blazer with matching polka dot pocket square. Black suede chelsea boots polished things off to perfection along side the same white jeans. Two wins in one day? That’s definitely a supernatural effort.

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    Looking every bit the rich man about town. But it’s his money, and God knows he’s worked hard for it. Yet it makes me sad for some reason. Confusing the actor with the character he plays. He does look rather spiffing, and it must be great to not wear clothes covered in fake blood and fake goodness knows what other species of’s just the shock of the complete contrast to how we are all used to seeing him.

  • rimsie

    Great article 🙂 btw, That silk shirt is a Gucci too! 1500 us dollars!

  • Ron Vealt

    Great just enjoying his success!

  • Ron Vealt

    I’ll do it if I’m on his shoes.

  • P. McCoy

    I’m very happy for him; he used to Model, didn’t he? So naturally he can pull this look off. I think back to Adrian Paul of the Highlander and how he just “went to seed” at age 41, while Jensen, in contrast, doesn’t look too much differently than when SPN began all those years ago.

    I still hope that the Js will consider doing some Supernatural made for TV movie specials or I guess Netflix, even though I don’t have that. I wonder why no one is discussing a movie made on HBO, Showtime, etc; or the big screen? I hope they don’t wait too long; American audiences have legendary very Short memories.

  • Lady Cage-Barile

    I love the article, but its so hurtful if Supernatural is coming to an end this season. Jensen and Jared knows how much their battle against evil has given billions of followers strength to be strong each day. Not only as two actors has their presence in Supernatural inspired, but also their family life. The love that they have and show to their wife, Danneel Ackles and Genevieve Padalecki and their children is heavenly. We have heard this before but, they didn’t desert us, lets hope this is another feeler of their Supernatural Fans. Lets hope and pray Jensen and Jared feel the love to keep the show alive for 10, 20, 30 years. They have that kind of fans. NEVERENDING SUPERNATURAL….


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